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Welcome to Dream Body Fitness! To ensure you know what you are getting we would like to offer 2 FREE WEEKS as our trial period, nobody offers that! We are damn sure you will stick around once you get a taste of what it is truly like to get a hardcore workout experience! Just book your session in the above link to make sure you have a spot in class!
About Us

Hey, my name is Chris and I own and operate Dream Body Fitness.

The training style here is unique and designed for the best possible results when applied with maximum effort; I like to call it High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). Whether it is body weight training, plyometrics, and cardio to compound and power lifting WE HAVE IT!! AND WE DELIVER!!! A Dream Body warm up is like those other guys workouts!

It is hardcore but fun and has been termed “addicting” by our clients, imagine that! Nearly all levels of fitness can take part but we ask that you come to work hard and accomplish what we have for you to do! Don’t waste your time; make it a positive experience, and give 100% EVERY TIME and your results will come before you know it.

The “Why” of Dream Body:
My wife Robyn, fitness, health, and knowledge along with looking good and feeling confident and expanding my awareness and personal growth are the LOVES and driving forces of my life!

And I want to share the LOVE of fitness, health, and personal growth, hell, maybe even some knowledge along the way too! That is why I opened Dream Body. There is nothing better than seeing people meet goals or just telling me they FEEL better, fitter, and stronger since working out here.

I know that in sharing the LOVE the LOVE will return to me. Remember, be passionate about something and do it all the time! Your LOVE doesn't have to be my LOVE, but whatever it is SHARE IT and IT WILL come back to you!!

Here at Dream Body we have a core set of Laws and Principles and you will be required to follow them!

Get Started Now!

No matter what you do in life your health should be the first priority, in reality it is the only thing that when in optimum form enables you to perform better in ALL areas of life!

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Local Links
Dream Body wouldn’t be what it is without some of our very great friends! Please check out these local businesses as they are the best in the Treasure Valley! From web design, photography, and real estate to amazing fitness equipment and nutritional supplements you get the best!

Here’s what our Dream Bodies have to say!

"Wes and I are both 56 years old and we did not know if we could do boot camp, but we wanted to get into shape so we decided to give it a try. We were very surprised at how we were made to feel comfortable by Chris. There is no doubt that he works us hard, but he is more than willing to adjust the work out for some of us that has had surgery on our shoulder. He has shown me other exercises that give me the same work out without putting as much strain on my shoulder. He did our measurements and weight then told us how to eat to meet our goals. After six weeks of following what he told us we did another measurement and the results were fantastic. Wes gained 5 pounds of muscle, lost 2% of his body fat, he gained 1" in his arms, 2" in his chest and lost 2" of his butt, I am so proud of him. We look forward to going to class and I never thought I would ever say that, so all I can say is Thank You Chris at Dreambody for helping us."

Wes and Mary B.
Kuna, ID
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